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A Law and Order RPG

We are a group of intelligent, talented RPers, role-playing in the Law and Order universe. We encompass the original and all the spin-offs of this amazing television series. If you're a fan of the show or are familiar enough with the world of NYC's Finest to RP within it, please, read on.

New cases are posted every so often in this community. The things that could be listed about the case in the first post include:
-what you and your team would find were you first to arrive at the scene
-clues from crime scene
-witnesses in the immediate area
-material witnesses who could be linked to the victim or perpetrator

After the first day of the new case, an ME's report will be published as a post in this community. This will also contain helpful clues to help you solve your case.

Material witnesses will be provided in one of two ways. Transcripts of their statements will be posted for witnesses with no more information to give. If they require a more in-depth interrogation or questioning, this will be noted by whomever is running the case. They can be questioned whenever the person noted to be playing them is online. Generally this will be the mod (or person running the case). Sometimes not.

Occasionally (rarely, no more often than the real NYPD comes up against this), there will be serial killers/rapists/criminals. Many cases in a short period of time may appear if that happens, but they will all be linked to each other (or so the detectives will assume and hope).

Each case has about three months to be solved before they become cold. Each case is solvable. If it becomes cold, you can choose to continue investigating it (as a detective, obsessed with a case, might do).

Certain cases are handled by certain teams. If you're on the SVU squad, you'll handle the sex crimes. If you're in the Major Case Squad (CI), you'll be dealing with major crimes. Characters from the original show will deal with homicides that are not classified as major case. At the moment, we're not planning to include things for TBJ, but if you want to play someone from that spin-off, contact a mod and we can discuss this. Once in a while, we do "taskforce cases", in which all squads team up to solve one case.

If you're interested in playing more than one character, we welcome you to apply for things a "uniform" (street cop) or lab tech. Additionally, we always need people to roleplay witnesses. If you're interested in getting to roleplay diverse and varied roles without the responsibility of creating an entire character (or writing a character app), please let us know and we'll contact you with a list of upcoming witnesses we need roleplayed.

To join, please be sure to read the rules first, then fill out an application, listed below, and comment in the app thread. The mods will try to get back to you within the week. Be sure to put some way to contact you in the app, such as email, personal journal, or AIM. Once you're approved, you must start a character journal for your character. Every character needs a LJ. You'll be added to the list of taken characters at that point and you'll be in! Each new player is put on a 30 day trial period status after they are accepted, during which the mods evaluate how well they fit in with the group.

Here is a list of past and current cases:

-Case 008: Felton Art Robbery -Closed

-Case 007: Rape of Jannette Mummerlyn - Closed

-Case 006: Murder of an Interpreter - Closed

-Case 005: Unidentified Serial Killer - Closed

-Case 004: Missing Bodies in Harlem - Open (Cold)

-Case 003: Attack on Kimberly Chang - Closed

-Case 002: The Murder of Carl Reese - Closed

Case 001: The Murder of Ashley Style - Closed

Below are the rules. Read them before applying.
{Lawful Order Rules}

Below is the app. Fill this out and comment with your app on the post:
{Lawful Order Application}

NOTICE: You must be 18 or older to become a member of Lawful Order.

Below are the taken characters. Anyone not listed here is fair game for an app, although I encourage you to apply for an established character from the show as we already have quite a few original characters in the works and we would like to keep them to a minimum. Original characters are marked with (OC).

NOTICE: Please do not IM people listed on the friends list or the watch list for the community unless you are a player or know them personally. If you are an applicant, please refrain from chatting up the other players until you are approved. Doing so may cause your application to be denied. If you are an observer of the RPG, please don't IM players or people from the watch list unless you have their explicit permission to do so.

Non-Series-Specific Characters:
-Elizabeth Rodgers (Medical Examiner) - elizabethrogers - NPC Journal - Used As Needed
-NYPD TARU (Technical Response Assistance Unit) - nypdtaru - NPC Journal - Used As Needed
-Random Officer - randomofficer - NPC Journal - Used As Needed
-Kimo Mikala - (Lieutenant, IAB) - lt_mikala - NPC Journal - Used As Needed
-Charles O'Malley - (Proprietor of the Local Watering Hole and Unlicensed Dispenser of Advice) - charles_omalley

CI Characters:
-James Deakins (Deputy Inspector, CO of MCS) - jimmydeakins
-Alexandra Eames (Detective) - det_alex_eames
-Mike Logan (Detective) - det_mikelogan
-Aria Dalton (Detective, OC) - det_aria_dalton
-Kate Wells (Detective, OC) - det_kate_wells
-Nicole Wallace (Repeat Offender) - n_wallace

SVU Characters:
-Olivia Benson (Detective) - det_olivia_bens
-Elliot Stabler (Detective) - dtelliotstabler
-Casey Novak (ADA) - ada_casey_novak
-George Huang (Forensic Psychiatrist) - dr_george_huang

Needed Characters:
-Donald Cragen (Captain, SVU)
-Odafin "Fin" Tutuola (Detective, SVU)
-Robert Goren (Detective, CI)
-Carolyn Barek (Detective, CI)
-Ronald Carver (ADA, CI)
-Everyone from the Original series

Thanks for reading!

(If you have any questions, comments, or chocolate, email a mod at trst.no.one [at] gmail [dot] com or minakat [at] gmail [dot] com. Or comment at h_bomb1013's or mina_kat9's journals.)

LOST: Law & Order Standard Time
Used by the members of Lawful Order

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