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15 March 2007 @ 01:39 pm
As you all know, we have some changes. Here is a run down:

Two players have left. Bri and Kris. Their characters have been removed from the comm, so please take Bobby, Ada, Anna, Alexie and Alison off your friend's lists. We wish them well in new RP's and all that good life stuff.

One player is switching characters. Liz has picked up one of my favs--John Munch. So add him, his info is in a comm post, and START BUYING THE MAN DRINKS!

Also--we have a MCS group RP, which is now Aria, Alex, Kate, and Mike. And Andy if she wants to hint about going away. Otherwise, she can let us worry. That can be tonight or tomorrow. Lemme know.

And we have a WHOLE group RP on Sat evening. O'Malley's. A good time to regroup, reconnect, etc. There will be NO green beer, but there will be plenty of food and good cheer.

For both those RP I will post intro settings in the comm, and people can post their entrances there, then jump on in. That worked well for the shower and it answers some issues we had before.

One other bit of business. We'd been operating with partners and that's been restricting casework. We will still have partners, for interactions sake, but if you are free to do work, and you can pin one of us down, then it's on. We don't want to let our already complex schedules and people's varying interests hold us back from getting things solved.

And...last but probably most important---we should get everyone together for a group OOC hang out, shoot the shit, catching up, talkin' loud and being silly kinda thing. Let us know when is good for that. We could use it.
det_kate_wells: WTC Commemorationdet_kate_wells on March 15th, 2007 07:07 pm (UTC)
I feel like a loser answering these things first. LOL...


MCS group RP: I am free tonight or tomorrow. Doesn't matter either way

Big group RP: Saturday sounds good. Let me clear my bust schedule for that. ::Shakes head at empty calendar::

Shoot the shit rp: Just IM me and let me know.
Janetskyrose on March 16th, 2007 02:38 am (UTC)
Just wanted to let everyone know that my net connection at home is totally gone for right now... it is supposed to be back up before the 27th... when that is, i will be back online on a REGULAR basis and will be actually PLAYING again!

damned life getting in the way of games!