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27 February 2007 @ 03:00 pm
Busy Day.  
Kate ::Kate hung up from listening to her voice mail and dialed the number to 5B7 Shipping.::

Dispatcher: 5B7 Shipping. We cover the five boroughs seven days a week!  How can I help you?

Kate: Hi, I'm Detective Wells with the NYPD. Jose called and left me a message. Is he available?

Dispatcher: Oh.  You.  Yeah, he's here.  Said he'd talk to you.  ::The woman sniffed and put Kate on hold.  A moment later, Jose picked up.::  Swear I'm firing that girl.  Detective?

Kate: ::She widened her eyes a bit and stifled a chuckle. When the phone was picked up again, she shook her head.:: Yes, is this Jose?

Jose: Ya, it is.  Does you calling mean I had somethin' for you?

Kate: I think you might have. The shipping for Felton. Can you tell me where that went?

Jose: Hang on.  I pulled that for you, where the hel--heck did I put it?  ::He rustled the papers on his desk, swearing under his breath.::  Got it.  Warehouse 23B; corner of North 3rd and Wythe Ave.

Kate: Is there anyway I can get you to fax the invoice to me? ::She jotted down the address on her pad::

Jose: Sure.  ::He groaned.::  I'll do it. I give it to her, you'll never see it.

Kate: ::She chuckled.:: I understand completely. Is there anything you can tell me that stuck out in your mind about the shipment? Or the shipper?

Jose: Not much.  He wasn't any fun to deal with.  Persnickety as my mom would say.

Kate: Okay, and did your guys unload the shipment to the address yourselves?

Jose: Yeah.  Says here 15 crates.

Kate: Excellent. The fax number where I am is 212-555-0982. I'll be waiting for it. Just put Detective Wells in the attention line. You have been a huge help.

Jose: Sure thing, Detective.  I'll get this out right away.  ::He chuckled.::  What's in there?  Drugs?  Dead bodies?

Kate: I wish it was that exciting. Pots. ::She chuckled.::

Jose: Pot?  That's a lot of weed.

Kate: ::Again she smiled and chuckled.:: No, pots. Art.

Jose: Oh.  Pots?  ::He sighed.::  I love this city. 

Kate: I know. Again, thanks so much, Jose.

Jose: Sure thing.  ::He hung up and headed to the fax machine.::

Kate: ::Kate hung up and smiled. Tapping her pen on the desk, she went over to the fax machine to wait.::

A few minutes later, a fax arrived for Kate from the shipping company. It detailed that 15 crates had been loaded into the truck and safely delivered to the location the night before the original shipping. Got him.
She only hoped the pots were still there. Looking around the squadroom, she sighed. Guess she would be e-mailing the ADA for a warrant. Surely she had enough to get into the the warehouse. She sat down at her
desk and typed out emails to both Deakins and ADA Novak.

To: DI James Deakins, MCS
From: Detective Katherine Wells, MCS
Subject: Felton Case, Pots


I think I might have found a break in this case, finally. Appears we might have had the wool pulled over our eyes and Felton sent out a whole truck full of brick in the boxes for the shipment we chased. I found a shipping company that had an identical shipment the night before originating from the same location, which Felton hovered over like a nervous mother, sent to a warehouse in Williamsburg. I have sent an email to ADA Novak in regards to a warrant. Hopefully, we can get those pots back tomorrow.

Hope this made your day a little,
Detective Wells.

To: ADA Casey Novak, DANY
cc: DI James Deakins, MCS
From: Detective Katherine Wells, MCS
Subject: Felton Pots Case, Warrant

Ms. Novak,

There appears to have been a break in the pots case we are working on. Apparently, the night before the shipment of the pots, there was an identical shipment originating from the same address. It went to a warehouse in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. I have a feeling we were taken for a bit of a ride with the second shipment, and were meant to chase our tails. Felton was hovering over this shipment, according to the shipper, Jose. I am also faxing you a copy of the invoice. Fifteen large packing crates, just like the other shipment, and according to the shipper, very heavy, like our pots.

Anyway we can get a warrant to get into that warehouse?

Detective Wells

ada_casey_novak: introspectiveada_casey_novak on February 28th, 2007 03:58 am (UTC)
To: Detective Katherine Wells, MCS
cc: DI James Deakins, MCS
From: ADA Casey Novak, DANY
Subject: Re:Felton Pots Case, Warrant

Detective Wells,

I got all of your information late this afternoon, and I don't think I will have trouble securing a warrant for you. I will drop it off on your desk tomorrow morning, first thing.

-Casey Novak